Friday, July 8, 2011

Lignin Measurement

Lignin content was measured with a  900 UV/Vis spectrometer. In brief, the black liquor solution was adjusted to pH 10.2. The diluted black liquor solution was then transferred to a quartz curvette. The UV light absorption was determined in 200 to 400 nm range in the double-beam Lambda spectrophotometer. The maximum absorbance at the 280 nm was observed. Lignin concentration was calculated based on a calibration curve established with a series of lignin solution with differing concentrations.

Step 1: Prepare standard of different known lignin concentration. (For eg. 0.1mg, 0.2mg, 0.3 mg, 0.4mg, 0.5mg);

Step 2: Prepare a calibration curve with the help of above known concentration of solution using absorbance at the 280 nm of UV/Vis spectrometer.

Step 3: Plot the concentration of Unknown lignin solution (i.e. your sample) on calibration curve and estimate the lignin concentration.

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abhibhawan said...

Hello sir and madam,
Which is the better method for determination of lignin?This one or the Pearl and Benson method using sodium nitrite?

Prabin said...

how do i measure the lignin content sir when i dont have the standard lignin. i have isolated lignin from paddy straw but i dont have commercial lignin.

Yogendra and Anita Singh said...

Hi prabin use purified SIGMA product:


Catalog No. : 409014

Price In India :

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sudar shan said...

Dear Sir,

How to determine the lignin in pulp mill effluent by UV-Vis spectrophotometry?
Is any procedure is there?