Monday, June 8, 2009

Try to Unstable The Lignin Polymer

The stability and solubility of any polymer in water depend upon:

1. Its tendency to form hydrogen bond with the water molecules and
2. Its molecular weight.

The other properties like temperature, pressure and density will also playing the key role. But when we talk about the Polymer like lignin in water the scenario is deferent. And if we want to remove the lignin from water there are one or two ways proposed by the researcher.

1.By addition of carbon dioxide in water.
2.By evaporating the water.
3.By lowering the pH of the water near one.

But none of the process is commercially available for the Pulp and Paper Industries to adopt to remove lignin from there Black liquor waste water. If we want to precipitate the lignin from water, we have to do two things:

1.Block all the groups of lignin which are responsible for the hydrogen bonding.
2.Increases the molecular weight of lignin.

As we block the groups responsible for the hydrogen bonding the molecule will be insoluble in water and by increasing its molecular weight, it losses its stability in water. By approaching this idea we can resolve the problem of lignin.

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